Bible woman

Another day, another plane. But here is something newish. The woman to my right (aside from being black, which is unusual to see in New Zealand) is reading a Bible. I can’t tell the version, so I can’t assess religion (aside from Christianity, that is), but I can see she has passages marked in it, so she is clearly not just playing around.

Since I am at the airport, it starts me to wondering. I mean, is it risky to be getting on the same plane as her? Does she have some kind of death wish? Would I be more worried if she were reading the Koran? Maybe she just finds it helpful to read the Bible to get her through the day. Maybe it is just what she needs to kick start the engine at 7 in the morning on a bleary humid day. It has got to be better than the dubious schmaltz that I am reading before I get on the plane.

Oh look, she is not on my flight after all. Or perhaps the Lord told her not to take this plane. Oh dear. Imagination is so much better than reality, after all