A state bordering on Catatonia

So it is just about time to be leaving Laos. I have reached the capital. Collected backpacker wisdom says it is a boring town. We shall see.Not that it really matters to me. Cafes in which to sit and write postcards and daydream, busy streets on which to watch the daily spectacle of human life being played out, a cool dark spot in which to sleep, some water to brush my teeth. More than this I need not.

I think I have already plumbed the depths in terms of tourist impulses. Just before tourist death (the point at which all tourist-like behaviour stops). Laos, of course, is the perfect country to feel like sitting around and doing nothing much. There is a lot of nothing to do in Laos, and lots of excellent coffee and fresh French bread to sustain you while you do it.
Maybe it is just a dead cat bounce but I feel motivated to actually see some things in this town. No reason to rush it though. Let’s see what happens once the sun comes up tomorrow.

Bizarre to think that I will be back at home in less than a month. September seemed like a long way away in April. Or for that matter in August. I must check the snow report.