Some Anzac day tips

Some tips for anyone thinking of going:

* Take two days. Book accomodation in advance for the night of the 25th at TJ’s in Eceabat (or sleep for free at the Boomerang bar if you bring your tent).

* There is no point in taking an Anzac Day tour. Arrive on the 24th, take some food on a public bus over to the other side of the penninsula and either camp at Kabatepe or go sleep at the dawn service site 3km north.

* Enjoy the service on the beach, then wander up the hill to Lone Pine (for the Aussie) or Chunuk Bair (for the Kiwi) service. Or both.

* Head back to Eceabat after the NZ service, and book for the next day on a tour with TJ at TJ’s hostels. He does the best Gallipoli tours.

* Party up large that night with the Aussies at the boomerang bar.

* Take your tour the next day, hangover allowing, secure in the knowledge that there will be no one else there.