The end of the golden weather (day 386)

dear all,

for those of you who are not yet aware, i am travelling the world just now. this is the fifth of the updates on my travels. it focuses on just four interesting states: hawaii, canada, italy (mostly), and employment.

the key points are just two (for those of you too busy to read the fine print):

* i have come a long way in the last 10 weeks. from new zealand (summer, suntans, beaches), across hawaii (winter, suntans, beaches), canada (snow, long drives – on the wrong (right) side of the road), italy (two dimensional trees (easier to harvest), icecream and rain), back to london.

* and now i have a job. for at least the next month. in singapore. officially three quarters of the way around the world. come visit if you are coming this way. or make a special trip. up to you.

if you are in a hurry to do something else (or you have no concept of who i am and why i might be writing to you), stop reading now. i would hate to keep you from your other priorities. otherwise, read on at your leisure. no, no. thank you.

in the last 10 weeks i have done a whole mess of stuff. a summary (broadly chronological) runs as follows:

* from new zealand i caught the high points of hawaii with some Ultimate (of course), a touch too much drinking, a touch too much sun, the perfect number of minnesotans and canucks (and the odd san franciscan – and yes i mean odd), some volcanos, and a beach with a deadly shore break (on which i was not paralysed, despite the odds). i met some true loves (not mine, but others’, but still refreshing), and i missed just one plane. although one was enough.

* when i finally did catch up with my plane (i wish they didn’t fly so fast), i took it to canada. a land of snow, sun, fewer minnesotans (and san fransciscans) but more canucks and more mountains, deadly cold beaches, buried cats’ eyes, white roads, digging out cars, cross-country skiing, driving out of snowdrifts, closed roads to Idaho, parking tickets, blizzards, islands, bicycling lanes and borrowed snowboarding gear.

* then europe, via london (england, of course, is not part of europe). amsterdam (bicycles and buddies, lekkar (am i spelling this correctly?) and melig), and italy (sun, cold, more Ultimate, more san fransciscans (lots, some odd), sienna, pompeii (where i got very wet), midnight trains, more Ultimate, on smaller beaches, with bigger parties, losing things and finding them again, rome). and home. well, london anyway. and then bristol. for reasons that need not be explained. but it is where portishead come from, which might be a good enough reason for some of you. in fact, there is a place called portishead just outside bristol. being england, i very much doubt that they would name any place after a band. so i figure the band is named after it. maybe they came from there. maybe they just liked the name.

* and by then i was out of money. if this had been the 19th century (leaving aside the fact that you wouldn’t be reading this, at least not on email) we could have said my creditors were pressing. not that they were. but they would have. so it was time. to get a job that is. and i have one. in singapore. where i sit writing this. for the next month at least.

singapore is perhaps the cleanest place i have been on my travels. if you are dirty and wish to be clean, i advise you to come here. you don’t even have to be too presentable to get over the border anymore. i can attest to that.

future plans are, as with all good things, somewhat up in the air.

probably seeing you not very soon at all, i have the honour to remain your humble and obedient servant,