Welcome to your Canadian experience (day 322)

Canada is a nice place. I know this already, because I have been here before and because there is lots of high quality advertising saying so and because I have never met a nasty Canadian and because they like to drink beer here.

But they really need to do something about their welcoming committee. By this I mean they really need to sort out the United States.

Yes I am here. And pleased to be. But I was searched 4 times getting from Honolulu to Vancouver (via LA). I stood in a million queues (mostly for security (or rather insecurity) purposes), answered inane security questions that acheive nothing (who is going to say they are carrying something for someone else, they did not pack their bag themselves, or they have not had it in their possession all the time? – I suspect lawyers must be behind this process), and I watched a whole bunch of entirely innocent looking people who could have been my mum and dad happily submitting to body searches that find absolutely nothing, and bag searches that turn up that they have a pair of glasses in their day pack.

On top of which I was already a day late. And a dollar short, as they say.

Oh, and a quick tip for young players who like to wear boots for plane journeys to/from/around the US, don’t. You will only have to take them off to be searched at every check point. I wore sandals that are so simple they just could not hide explosives.

It seems to me that this particular horse has already bolted. The net effect of the security checks is to make me feel more nervous. I mean think about it. What does searching that often in so many ways really say?

To me it says that things really must be bad if we have to search everyone so often. And multiple searches give the impression that they do not trust even their own checking systems (quite apart from the fact that they failed to detect the swiss army knife I had accidentally left in my hand luggage). Plus it slows down and pisses off their passengers. Particularly those from New Zealand who are about as likely to be terrorists as the pope is likely to suddenly convert to Buddhism.

But here I am. Vancouver. Canada. My Canadian holiday starts as soon as I can get my boots back on.