Another roll of the dice (day 316)

So part two of my Hawaii holiday starts. After two days I have to report that I am pleased and impressed with how things are going.

And I think, even if I can’t say objectively speaking, I can at least say mutually-subjectively speaking (i.e., this is something that you are all likely to agree with), that I am right to be impressed and pleased with how things have gone.

After tidying up my tent, no mean feat in and of itself, I met up with my buddy Jackson and we wandered around to a friend’s house to see what fate might have in store for us.

As it turned out, fate had some treats. While hanging out at Mike’s house (he never seems to be home, or, if he is home, he is always going out), along came John who was heading where we wanted to go (the North Shore), and had spare seats in his car. We know this by virtue of eavesdropping on his conversation with others at Mike’s house.

So we invite ourselves along, take a trip up the motorway a ways, and get out at somebody’s house. A very nice house actually. Not quite on the North Shore, but close enough.

To cut a long story a little shorter, we ended up staying here for a couple of days with some people who were mostly, like us, remnants of the Kaimana Klassik. Our hosts mostly were not home, but generously gave of their ocean views, internet time, music collection, food, drink, kitchen, cars and conversation to keep a bunch of people they had met before, and some that they had not, entertained.

I ended up, post Jackson, with a bunch of Minnesottans and a Canuck. Not bad company if truth be told. We went to the beach (I write this while sitting in awe at the surfers on the Banzai Pipeline – which is 20 feet high today if it is an inch), to numerous restaurants and one bar in particular (about which more below), and tomorrow we head off to Hilo. America’s wettest city (250 days of rain each year, they tell me) and home to the Hilo Hat, the post Kaimana hang-out Ultimate tournament.