Dead cat bounce (day 314)

I have, for as long as I can recall, been a fan of the phrase ‘dead cat bounce’.

You see, you can not tell whether a cat is alive from the fact that it bounces upon hitting the ground after a fall. The point being that just because you are no longer at the bottom (whether metaphorically, or because you have just fallen from a building), does not mean that you are not actually about to head down again.

I am, however, fairly confident that this is not just a dead cat bounce. I have survived Kaimana intact, and am well on the way to recovery.

Sunday started much as Saturday did. Badly. Perhaps a little easier. The pool outside the toilet block continued to grow – why did the builders not realise that there would be 450 people camping at this camping ground and wanting to shower each day (sometimes twice)?

(I continued to avoid the shower. Mostly because they are cold – something that I do not want to be – and because I don’t get up early enough to shower and still have time to eat before the first game of the day.)

We lost our last pool game on Sunday, and so went into the quarter-finals 5 and 1. Not bad, but our opponents in the quarters looked fairly menacing.

Monday is finals day. Sunday night is party night, particularly for those who have no more Ultimate to play. And of course, that means it is stupid to try to compete to win the party on Sunday night when you have to play at 8:30 on Monday morning – something I discovered by experience (after a brief, unscheduled, snooze with the jolly green giant (a large, green, stuffed giant wearing a big smile and not much else)) in the light rain at 2 in the morning.

The eventual winner of the party (self-acclaimed) was still partying at 10 the next morning when we finished playing. We lost our quarter-final. (But it was just as well I went to bed when I did, or I never would have caught the layout I managed in our last game).

Smiles all round really. It is sunny and warm. We get to watch lots of other people play Ultimate. There is still beer left. The Australian women’s team took home the women’s title. The final was a one team run-out-to-a-huge-lead-but-then-the-other-team-come-back-dramatically kind of game. Great viewing.

Monday night. I have said my goodbyes to my playmates for the past few days, and I am sitting on the beach looking at the stars, around 30 feet from my comfy bed, a deep sense of lassitude and a total lack of any wordly concerns upon me. Except perhaps what to do for the next week in Hawaii.

Don’t you hate paradise. I guess I might have to come back to the Kaimana Klassik after all.