Saturday night’s alright (day 312)

Whether you are conscious of it or not, the sun still comes up in the morning. Saturday morning (the first day of tournament play) is no exception.

I woke up feeling the ill effects of the first Kaimana party. Fully deserved, but unpleasant nonetheless. But I like to think that age has taught me a thing or two about dealing with hangovers, and in just a couple of hours I am just about ready to play, although I did miss the helicopter flyover (they dropped flowers on us all) at the opening ceremony.

Breakfast helps (particularly because it is already paid for). So does the fact we are playing pretty easy teams first up. And the fact that the other players on my team are good. Many of them amazingly so. Dead handy. It is quite hard to fit in, coming in new to a bunch of people who have played together a lot.

But it all works out fine, and we end the day with three wins from three games.

Saturday night is, of course, party night again. What else? I took the opportunity for a brief snooze in a comfy spot just off the dance floor, this one motivated far more by tiredness and far less by alcohol than the previous night. Others argue about the relative contributions of these two factors.

Tonight no one uses me as a target for frisbees. But I do wake up with a friendly tree lying on me. I guess he was looking for a comfy spot to lie down in as well.

But assuming that the brief snooze does not count me out, Dave and I win the party again. 2 from 2. Yay for us. I am starting to wonder if this is the sort of thing we should really be trying to win.