The road goes ever onwards (day 310)

dear all,

almost five months has elapsed since my last update (i feel like i am at church ‘it has been 5 months since my last confession’). and, after a summer back in new zealand i am preparing to travel the world again. starting tomorrow morning actually.

for those of you who left me in russia in mid-september and are kind of perplexed about what i am doing in my home town, here is a very quick update on events since then:

* i travelled about northern russia (brrr) for a couple of weeks. back in st petersburg before heading south across russia to ukraine i contracted pneumonia and spent two weeks in hospital descarring my lungs and scaring my parents. in the meantime, some parts of the world went to war with some other parts, the temperature in the middle east went up, and i struggled to find a slightly cooler place to spend christmas. eventually i decided that discretion was the better part of valour and, after an insurance company sponsored visit to the uk to see some more doctors, i made my way back to new zealand for the summer.

* since early november i have got a sun tan, returned my lungs to normalcy, learned to drive, swum a lot, seen lots of new zealand, tramped in the rain, played tons of ultimate, checked on the progress of my neice and nephew, spent christmas with my family, kayaked, hitch-hiked, walked on glaciers, swum in lakes, checked out where i used to live, slept in my old bed, remet some travelling companions, driven thousands of miles, scanned my photos, ignored my diary, sorted my plane tickets, made some travel plans, looked for a job (not too hard), and said hellos and goodbyes (again). i even had another farewell party for myself.

and now i leave tomorrow morning. before dawn. to hawaii (till february 25), then to vancouver (till march 21) and then to italy via london (till mid-April). and then, sad though i am to say it, i need to find a job. or an effective way to hide from my creditors. advice on either is welcome. i have more leads on the first than the second, i am pleased to report.

so expect another message or two from me before too long. and if you wanted to check out my photos (let me apologise in advance for the lack of order or captions – both are in hand), go visit’