The waiting place (day 176)

If you have not read Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh the places you will go’, you might not get the title. The ‘waiting place’ is the place you are when you are just waiting for something to happen. It is not the best place in the world to be usually. You have no control over what is going on. Like being a passenger on a train when the emergency stop lever does not go and there is nothing to do. Nothing, that is, but wait.

So now I feel like I am in the waiting place. I feel so much better that I am asking everyone when I might leave. Since I have eight doctors and two nurses, that is quite a lot of opinions.

Actually, I have nine doctors. Because I have a doctor who works for the insurance company in Auckland. He makes final decisions on things.

The Russian doctors are always more cautious than my New Zealand doctor. And both are more cautious than me. I have decided to go back home for the summer. It is more like insanity than independent travelling to go to the middle east just now (which was my next destination), and even the most gung-ho doctor says that it takes about a month to recover fully from pneumonia.

But now that I have decided, I have to wait to put that decision into action. It seems I am going to London for more treatment before I can do anything. My doctor in New Zealand thinks I might be here another 4-6 days. The Russian doctors think more like 10 days.

To pass the time I have books. You can buy English novels here very very cheaply. So I have read a lot of them. Joseph Conrad’s ‘The Secret Agent’ comes close to being in my best books of all time list.

There is an English newspaper that comes out on Tuesdays and Fridays. That is my news. Along with occasional updates from the doctors. It is weird to be so far from the news when there is so much going on. Still, I am closer to it than I have been for the last six weeks. English news in Siberia is non-existent. And internet access is less than just sporadic.

They keep offering to bring in the television, but I haven’t got the energy to try to decipher (why is that not spelt ‘decypher’?) Russian television at this point. The news needs more pictures and less (fewer?) talking heads I think.