Bring back that loving feeling (day 113)

Just now I am on my way from Hong Kong to Beijing on the train, after a couple of nights in Hong Kong recovering from my cold, watching the lightning storms, doing some work on a brain drain article(!), and catching up on the gossip with my friends in Hong Kong (who are shortly not to be there anymore, for reasons I do not need to go into).

I am pleased to report that the travelling feeling is back, along with the staring (dig those mainland Chinese).

My apprehensions about resuming this travelling around the world thing are gone, conquered by the desire to see it all. Particularly Russia. Bring it orrwwwwn.

And now for something that I mean to tell you ages ago. But I didn’t, for reasons that I don’t know I just never got around to it. But don’t get your hopes up too high, cos it is not that exciting.

Your bog standard Hong Kong metro is made up of lots of carriages (as usual), connected together. But the way they are connected together means that you can walk between them quite happily, as if you were just passing from one part of the carriage to another.

And, which is more important for my analogy, you can see from one to another quite happily. You can even see from one end to the other, if you are of a mind. And I know, cos I have done it.

And here is the point. Because you can see from one end to the other quite easily, you can tell what the tracks are going to do before you get to them from the behaviour of the carriages in front of yours (unless you are in the first carriage, of course).

So if the track bends to the left ahead, the carriages in front will move left, and you can see them and predict where you will go before you get there.

And if the track ahead goes up a little, you will see the carriage ahead of you go up a bit and you will lose sight of the ceiling of the carriages in front.

So travelling on the Hong Kong metro (they have the same design in Shanghai) is a bit like riding on inside a giant snake (with seats instead of gastric juices). Or a really long rollercoaster. It is actually quite fun to see where you are going to go before you get there. Kinda like looking in the future in a small way.

That is it.

My cold is much better now, thank you for asking (nothing could survive the quantities of vitamin C and paracetamol I threw at it), although I am occasionally levelled by fits of coughing still.