The mummy returns (day 110)

Whew. So I have finally abandoned the creature comforts of my home town, the electric blankets on my childhood bed, and the electrifying company of some of my oldest friends and donned my travelling cloak again.

Yes indeed. With a 4am start and a 12pm finish, I journeyed from Christchurch back to Hong Kong to continue my journies about Asia (and soon the world muhahahahaha).

I seem to have contracted a nasty cold and flu (and my right nostril has it worse than my left, if current evidence is to be accepted).

The reason I came home, for those of you who do not know, was that my grandmother died on 4 July. I flew back from Hong Kong, intending to stay for a couple of weeks (just enough time, so I thought, to say goodbye to my gran, secure a Russian visa – never the easiest thing to get at the best of times – to do some snowboarding, and to surprise a few of my oldest friends as well).

As it turned out, all but the Russian visa went to plan, and I ended up staying a week longer than I planned to (and I thought my original plans were too pessimistic).

Anyway, after changing flights a couple of times, here I am in Hong Kong. Again. This time armed with a Russian business visa with those immortal words “vez-dye” (everywhere) on them. As compared, of course, with the standard tourist visa, which lists in far too much detail all the places you are allowed to go. Not exactly the most desirable sort of visa for an independent traveller.

I am feeling a little apprehensive (again) as I write this. Comparable to what I felt when leaving Brisbane all on my lonesome all those months ago. I am sure that everything will be great – I will meet some great people, have a spectacular time, not get ripped off too much and all that – but I feel a little scared about it all just now. And it does not help that the wings of the plane are wobbling as much as they are. Sometimes it is better to fly at night, me thinks.

I was, I am sure you recall, going to Tokyo and hoping to catch a ferry from there to Russia. But it was all too complicated. I could not find out enough about ferry schedules (or get answers from the company by email) from New Zealand. So I changed plans and went back to China. At least I understand the trains.

The sunrise was beautiful today. Actually I spent most of the travel sleeping. In one place or another. Yay for Qantas club. How can I ever go back to being a normal traveller again?

Just now (instead of the third movie, which was the only one I actually wanted to watch), they are showing US sitcoms (Seinfeld and Frasier). Mostly the audience speaks Cantonese (we are going to Hong Kong, after all) and there are no subtitles. So I am not quite sure how they are expected to get the jokes. Maybe they can just laugh along when the television audience does.