A note about chronology

Was it Confucious who said ‘Even the longest journey begins with the first step?’ The little known corollary, of course, is that even the longest holiday begins with the first day.

Alert readers will note that this diary begins on Day 1 but then leaps to Day 6 (which is just the first of many such jumps), and may seek an explanation for this breach of the normal timing conventions.

My holiday did start on Day 1 – April 12 2001. This was a travelling day (but the best professional advice was that I should count this day as the first). The most significant event was saying goodbye to Christi – about which more below.

Days 2-5 were spent in Sydney playing in the NZ team at the Australian Ultimate Frisbee Championships. This was excellent fun – certainly the most enjoyable scratch team that I have ever played with – as well as being very competitive – we ended up fourth (some would argue we were third equal since we never played a 3/4 playoff) after being seeded seventh.

I frequently jump over quite long periods in my record-keeping. This does not mean than nothing was happening – sometimes it means so much was happening that I had no time to write at all (as with the Ultimate), or that I could not be bothered, or that the battery on this computer was running low.

Oh, and there is no necessary relationship between the day that something is recorded on, and the day it actually happened. Your experience may vary dramatically from that advertised. The author’s decision is final, but correspondence will be entered into, and in fact it is highly encouraged.

And note that the 17th of April is actually Day 6, even though 17-12=5. If you don’t believe me count it on your fingers.